Monday, December 29, 2008

Nicoles piano recital

Saturday Nicole had her piano recital at the piano gallery. She played 2 songs - The entertainer and Oh Christmas tree. She played beautifully. Nicole has a wonderful teacher and has been learning a lot. There was 12 or so students that performed and so it was a little long for Justin. I was sitting there enjoying the music when all of the sudden I smelled fried chicken. What the heck ? Fried chicken at a piano recital ?? I turned to Eric " Do you smell chicken" I said. He replied look at your son. I took a peek at Justin to see him munching on a chicken finger that looked at lot like the ones he had at lunch earlier. "Where did you get that ?" I asked, "Out of my pocket" he said. " I saved it from lunch". Leave it to my Justin to pull a chicken finger out for a snack in the middle of the recital. He never ceases to make me laugh.

Christmas Day

Christmas morning was great. The kids woke up at 6am thanks to Nicole's alarm clock. The parents got to bed at 1:30 am . Next year we will remember to unplug all clocks when we go to bed.

Here is some video of the highlights. I only posted one video because it takes so long to upload. Justin wanted everything Pokemon and Nicole was happy to have anything Twilight.
I have never seen Justin so happy over a sweater. I think because it was from Santa it was a ok with him.
When Justin opened a pokemon video game he ran around in circles screaming.

When Jack saw the life size cardboard cut out of Edward Cullen he growled and barked and started to attack. Either Jack doesn't like vampires or maybe he is a good guard dog after all.

Later on we went over to visit Grandpa and Grandma Koldewyn. It was fun to be able to sit and talk with them. We enjoyed some of Grandmas Christmas punch, which is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. We have been enjoying the punch at her house ever since I was a little girl. It always brings back good memories. Grandma shared a story about her going snow skiing at Snow Basin. She said she didn't know that you are supposed to go from side to side down the hill. She also didn't know how to stop. She went straight down the hill making other skiers get out of her way. At the bottom she made herself fall over so she could finally stop, and then she said she couldn't get up. It makes me laugh because I can just picture Grandma going so fast down that hill, probably screaming all the way. Grandma shared some of her Christmas memories growing up in the depression. It made me realize just how spoiled I am. I am sure I won't take so many things for granted if I can remember how things were for her.

After we went to my parents home for dinner. Mom made a fabulous spread of ham, rolls, meatballs, cheese and crackers etc. We were able to visit with both Jon and Amy's families. Mom and Dad also gave us a nice addition to our food storage. Potato pearls, hot chocolate, pancake mix, fruit drink mix and some apples. I really appreciate their thoughtfulness. I want to work on our food storage this next year and that really gave me a jump start.

Then the kids started to get tired ( I wonder why????) .

So after a few heated disagreements and tears, we decided it was time to leave before any blood was shed. It was no sooner than the first stop sign that Justin was fast asleep in the back seat. Then as we stopped in the driveway at home of course he woke up.

It really was a nice Christmas season, but I am glad that it is over. This year seemed to be a little more stressful than others. I don't know if it was because Eric has been working such long hours or other commitments we had . Maybe a combination of both.

However, the real meaning of Christmas did not escape me and I hope to keep that in my heart everyday of the year.

Today we plan on all going to Chuck E Cheeses. I will post later about that.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Village

ok so I know that it has been November since I posted. Life of course doesn't slow down so I can do fun things like blog. We have really been enjoying the holiday season. Thanksgiving was great and now Christmas only 2 days away. The time has had a way of really creeping up on us.

Last night we went to Christmas village and loved seeing the christmas cottages , our favorite one was the Nutcracker house. Justin collects nutcrackers and he was amazed at all the different ones. Of course we also went to Santa's castle. Nicole chose to not sit on Santas lap, but Justin was all to eager. He asked me 6 or 7 times if I had the camera ready. I assured him each time that I did. He asked Santa for the most powerful pokemon in the galaxy.

Today was the last day of school and it was only a half day for the kindergarten so 8:30 - 10:20. Anyways the school had a sing a long and Justin did not want to go. He tried everything to get me to let him to stay home. He finally went when I said it was against the law. Sorry Justin, Mom needed extra time to go shopping.

Monday, November 10, 2008

What's for Dinner ?

Today my mom let me know of a website that is absolutely unbelievable. You have gotta check it out.
This site suggests a monthly menu with all the recipes and shopping lists you can print. If you do not like what they suggest make your own menu from their recipe files and still be able to print a shopping list.
I have been on the site for the last 30 minutes or so and already have this weeks menu and shopping list put together.
All of the recipes look easy and are made with familiar ingredients.
Check it out and let me know if you like it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sister Time

Everyone needs a sister like mine. She is so much fun to spend time with. Today was one of those fun ones. She had Tom with her about lunch time and was out my way. So she bribed Tom with Mcdonalds to stay with Justin so we could go to lunch.
We went to the Union Grill which is Fabulous ! We both had the soup and salad. We took our salads home so we could have a piece of the yummy chocolate mousse cake. When you have that cake I swear you think you have died and gone to heaven.
Two other sisters were sitting close by. They both eyed our cake when it was served. So I told them it was to die for ! Next thing we know the waitress is bringing cake to them. It was pretty funny. They had to take most of their cake home in a box. They said next time they would do as we did take the food home and eat the cake !

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Big Chicken

Here is Nicole at the costume parade today at school. The picture isn't very good because she wouldn't stop so her dear old mother could snap a photo.

She looks pretty cute though.. some history of the chicken. 6yrs ago I made the first chicken costume a idea I got from a Martha Stewart magazine ( I made it better though).

I recently submitted a picture of Nicole in the chicken costume age 6 to the Standard Examiner and wouldn't you know it got published.

Nicole was in heaven. She asked me if I thought tv reporters might want to come and talk to her. I said probably not, even though you look fabulous as a chicken the newspaper is your 5 min. of fame. She did get a lot of attention from people at church as well as her class at school. Shortly after her picture was in the paper she announced she was going to be the chicken again. And so I being the wonderful mother I agreed to make a new bigger chicken costume.

This however is the last chicken costume I will be making.

There are white feathers all over my house.

There are white feathers in my bed. ( I sat on my bed while assembling the chicken )

There are white feathers on the dog. ( Jack was drawn to the fluffy chicken suit, rolling and sleeping on it He couldn't get enough of it. I think He might of thought it was a female dog because yes, I caught him doing that to). Don't tell Nicole that part. She will never want to wear the chicken suit and she promised to wear it next year to.

Halloween tommorow should be lots of fun.

Justin as the Candy Robot

Today is the Halloween celebration at the elementary school. There is no school tommorow. The kindergarteners get to wear their costumes to school and the older kids take theirs to change into.

So we dressed Justin in the robot costume I made and he looked great ! It was funny because he can't put his arms down all the way. oh well, the price of looking fabulous.

All month long Justin has told me he will be the robot for school but wants to dress as Mario for tricks and treating. I have tried to convince him to be the robot instead of Mario.

I think today changed his mind about Mario.

When we were walking up to school and across the playground all of the school kids ooohed and awwed at his costume. We heard kids yelling awesome, and cool robot kid- you should have seen Justins face, he was beaming. When we got to kindergarten the praises kept coming - from adults and kids alike.

Justin turned to me and gave me a big hug saying " Thank you mom for making my robot costume".

Wow... this kid really knows how to make me feel great.

He is going to have one fantastic day at school.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Let's play tag

Well I have never done this before but it seemed kind of fun and since Karrie tagged me I'm not about to break the chain.
8 TV Shows I like to watch:
This is hard because I am not a big tv watcher but like Karrie we watch a lot of dvds of old tv shows.
1. Monk- it is halarious.
2. Curuso - new show on nbc this season good so far.
3. Home extreme makeover- I just love all the stories and the deserving families.
4. The Adams family.
5. The waltons- good clean entertainment.
6. Dateline and other news shows
7. Masterpiece theatre on pbs especially when they had the Jane Austen series on.
8. Fox 13 news

8 restaurants I like to eat at -- In no particular order,
1. Jason's deli in layton, try the panninis yummy !
2. Ye Lions Den - the scones are to die for.
3. TGI Fridays- Bruschetta chicken pasta.
4.The Oaks- just the atmosphere is great.
5.Texas Roadhouse- kind of loud but the food is great.
6. Boston's - if you love pizza
7. Cafe Rio - anything with the sweet pork barbaquoa
8. Lee's Mongolian- really great food but a dive

8 things that happened today.
1. Woke up and got the kids to school
2. Volunteered in Justin's classroom, kindergarten is so much fun.
3. Thought about doing laundry, maybe a little latter.
4. visited mom and dad
5. Worked on Halloween costumes
6. Played outside with Justin
7. Cleaned up a bit
8. Talked with my sister

8 things I'm looking forward to
1. Halloween, trick or treating with the kids, school parties and a day off of school
2. The weekend- spending time with Eric and the kids
3. Thanksgiving- being with family
4. Christmastime- the whole season is fun
5. A family vacation ( hopefully sometime in the next year )
8 people I tag
1. Annemarie
2. Dana
3. Gloria
4. Chloe
For those who I have tagged copy the questions and replace my answers with yours in a posting on your blog. I look forward to reading yours.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Chicken and Robot

Well, today I am working, working, working on Halloween costumes.
This is one thing I look forward to every year. I really enjoy making the kids costumes. Last year the kids wanted store bought costumes. Nicole was a witch and Justin was a vampire. It was ok but I am really glad that this year they both decided ( I talked them in to ) being something unique.
Nicole decided she wanted to be a chicken. She was a chicken when she was 6 and it was great, so hopefully she will be just as happy as a 12 yr old chicken.
I talked Justin into being a robot for school and it is turning out fabulous. He still wants to be Mario for trick or treating which I guess is ok to.
I am going to dress up Eric either as a farmer to go with the chicken or a mad scientist to go with the robot. As for me I will probably be a witch, ( I won't even have to dress up ) just kidding I will dress up and I think I might spray my hair as well. As soon as the costumes are done I will post some picts.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

UEA weekend

It was so nice to have the kids home for a break from school. We had lots of fun even though I was sick the whole time. I came down with a horrible sinus deal and it totally knocked me on my butt for the weekend.
Friday I suffered through frightmeres at lagoon. The kids had a great time and it was fun to see the performers dressed up like monsters singing and dancing. Lagoon really goes all out on the decorations. We even saw a tombstone with Justin's name on it. He thought that was great !
We walked through a small spook alley with the kids clinging to both sides of me. I told them one of them could hang on to Eric, but neither one would leave my side. Nicole opted out for the other two haunted houses. I guess she is still scarred from her birthday at the haunted corn maze.
We spent some time at the arcade and Justin won a bunch of tickets on deal or no deal. When he was turning in the tickets for prizes a teenage girl came and gave him 125 more. You should of seen the look on his face, the girl did, and that made her day.
The best part for me was watching the kids devour carmel apples while watching the monsters dance. The kids rode on a few rides and then we called it a night. It has been really fun this year having lagoon passes. So nice to go and not spend all day long.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

That's a Bummer

Today my nephew Thomas had to have a colonoscopy done. What a bummer he is only 12yrs. old. So to celebrate I made him this cake. The small sign sticking out of the butt cheek says- congrats on your colonoscopy.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Jeremys Revenge

Wow, yesterday we woke up to snow. I couldn't believe how much was covering the ground and still coming down. The flakes were huge. We had about 5-6". I am not ready for winter one bit. I think that it is my fault for all the snow. The other day my brother Jeremy called- He lives in Alaska, and when he told me that they already had snow I laughed my head off. I rubbed it in pretty good that down in Utah we were enjoying a lovely fall. So to get me back I am sure he had something to do with all the snow coming down here. I can just see him praying for us to have a winter storm.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Go Utes

This year we got a couple of season tickets for Ute football. Eric has been having lots of fun taking the nephews and our kids. My turn is coming up when the Utes verse BYU. I told Eric maybe we should paint our chests for that game. Don't worry I won't post the picts. if we do. We have had so much fun that next year we've already decided to get season tickets for the whole family.

Creative Hair Day

Today is creative hair day at school. Every day this week the kids have been doing fun things for the anti-tobbaco campaign.

Justin wanted to be half red and half green in honor of both Mario and Luigi.... go figure.
Nicole just wanted colored hair.
Eric did the honors.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Feeding the ducks

Today we took a trip up to Beus' Pond. I just love visiting the pond. We took lots of bread to feed the ducks and they were hungry. I have never seen so many ducks at the pond. We also took Jack with us, he didn't like the ducks so much. The weather was perfect. I could not have asked for a better day. You can tell Justin had a great time , just look at the goofy look on his face. Nicole enjoyed herself as well. And of course I had a blast watching the kids and taking pictures.

The Great Pumpkin

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Halloween is coming !

Last years famiy portrait. I know we look fabulous !
Nobody recognized Justin with his hair sprayed dark.
I just love Halloween.
This year I just don't know what to be. I love making costumes and especially like when our whole family matches.
Any ideas out there ?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Remembering Thayne

Today marks the one year anniversary of Thaynes death. It is hard to believe.

So much has happened this past year, both good and bad. It amazes me how my sister and her kids endured this last year. I have enjoyed spending more time with my niece and nephews and the relationship I have with them.

Today I have been thinking a lot about them and their Dad.

Every time I think about Thayne I remember what a prankster he was.

The day that I introduced Eric to my family we had a bbq over at my parents house. I wanted everything to be just right. During dinner Thayne came behind me with a pitcher of water and dumped down the back of my head. I was so mad. I just sat there and didn't say one word. He knew he was in trouble. I remember not talking to him for a while after that. And as weird as it may seem, this is one of my favorite memories.

I have asked Eric about that incident and he doesn't seem to remember anything amiss.

Thayne was always willing to help me when needed. I benefited many times from his mechanic expertise.

Thayne always loved playing with the kids, probably because he was just a big kid himself. We would often joke that Amy actually had 5 kids, Thayne being the biggest.

We miss Thayne.

We are grateful for the happiness that Amy and her kids have found.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nicole turns 12

Where does the time go ? It seems just like yesterday when Nicole was a tiny little baby. Now she is a beautiful young lady. She is very talented and smart. She loves to read and is currently almost done reading the Book of Mormon. We are so proud of her. She is a happy person and fun to be around. She loves to perform. She can be seen singing and dancing around the house on a regular basis. I think that next year she will really enjoy being in drama and choir. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is constantly making us all laugh. I am so glad she is a part of our family.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Justins Socks

Here is Justin wearing his favorite socks. He especially likes to wear them to church. What a wild boy I have.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Bike Ride on the river walkway


I got myself a sweeeet ride for my birthday.
I love it. This bike is an absolute dream machine.

The best part is it's pink making her a real beauty.

I named her Peachy.

The seat has plenty of springs for a nice smooth ride.
I also like how I can sit up straight so my back doesn’t hurt.
I have been riding all over the neighborhood every day.

The best place to ride is down the river walkway. It is so pretty with all the leaves starting to change. It is some good exercise and it is so much fun. I feel like a kid all over again.
Peachy would look real nice with a basket on the front don’t you think ?
Soon I am going to work on a pirate flag , I can hardly wait.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I am so glad that it is Friday ! It has been a long week.
Today has been great so far.
This morning I went over to my Moms ( aka- the card Queen ). I love having a little bit of free time in the mornings to my self. Anyways I made the cutest halloween candy bar holder, with my moms help of course. It was a lot of fun. She is very creative.

The weather outside is gorgeous. It is just the perfect temperature, a little cool . I absolutely love this time of the year. I love how fall smells - leaves, cinnamon, and pumpkin all together some how- very yummy.
I really want to take the kids leaf collecting but I don't know if the leaves have started to change. I'm a little nervous to bring up the subject to Eric after last time. Here's what happened.....
It was a beautiful fall Sunday and I thought it would be nice to skip out on church to go for a picnic and collect colored leaves. Eric agreed. So we went to Beus' pond and had a wonderful time. We were able to collect a lot of nice leaves that I had plans to press and put in a autumn time scrap book. Several times I had Eric leave the path to acquire the best leaves possible. When we got home the itching started. The next morning Eric looked like some kind of freak show. His face was huge ! It was so red and puffy. We put the calamine lotion all over him. He was miserable. He looked so bad that one of the Doctors at his work called in a prescription for him . Thank goodness because that did the trick.
The moral of the story ?
You might say not to skip church to collect leaves .
I however think the real lesson here is to never leave the pathway when searching for the best leaves.
Ha ha ha - I bet my Dad is shaking his head right about now.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 9/11

I have been thinking today about the tragedy of 9/11.
We had just dropped off Nicole at my moms house to be babysat and she told us to turn on the radio. We were on our way up to the hospital for Eric to have abdominal surgery in relation to his cancer. We could hardly believe what we were hearing. Then upon arriving at the hospital the news was on every TV. The hospital was on high alert because of the possibility of terrorist activity locally. I remember feeling emotionally overwhelmed.
Eric and I were both very anxious about his surgery. Eric even had feelings that he might die during surgery, fearing that the Doctor might mistakenly hit an artery that was in very close proximity to the lymph nodes being removed and that he might bleed out.
During his prep, we found out that Eric's doctor had just returned the night before from NYC. He had been on top of one of the towers just 24hr previous. That was erie.
I remember feeling shock and horror that human beings could be so evil and full of so much hate.
I remember almost feeling guilty for praying for comfort and for Eric's health, with all those thousands of people who were in a greater need than I.
Later on,
I remember the feeling of closeness, and family that our country felt. Stories of the firefighters and other volunteers risking their lives to help in the rescue efforts.
I remember the kindness of people to one another. It seemed that we didn't want to take our relationships for granted, we wanted to show appreciation to one another.

Justin turns 6

Justin’s 6th birthday party was a huge success ! When Justin first told me he wanted a Mario party I was a little overwhelmed and did not think that it would be possible. He tried to comfort me by saying “ I know you can do it Mom, just look on the internet”. Well after much searching on the internet and a lot of playing his video games I was able to come up with a great birthday plan.
At the first of the party I had my niece dress up like Peach and my nephew like Bowser. As Peach was distributing gold coins to the kids Bowser came and kidnapped her, tied her up and threw her in Bowser’s bounce house ( the trampoline ). He then told the kids to rescue Peach , they needed 3 stars. They would have to play the game to get the stars.

We made the backyard to look like a giant game board using colored paper for the spaces. The kids rolled a big dice to move along. We had three different mini games the kids would have to stop and play – 1 Donkey Kong bash (pinata) 2- Yoshi’s dinosaur egg race ( I made dino eggs from paper mache) and 3- Boo’s balloon pop ( kids tie a white balloon on ankle, run around trying to pop the others while protecting their own.). We also had a traveling candy shop table ran by my daughter dressed up as Daisy. The kids spent the gold coins they got from mini games on the candy. We also had Peach’s prize palace- under the gazebo where kids ate cake and ice cream and then picked up their party goody bags.

They finally earned all 3 gold stars and we let Justin dressed as Mario go and rescue Peach. It was so cute !!!!! Mario untied Peach . Peach exclaimed, “ Mario, my hero “ . Mario gave Peach a big hug .
All the kids cheered.

I did feel sorta bad about one thing. I had downloaded all this Mario music and I forgot to turn on the cd player.
Justin did tell me that it was the best birthday party ever and that he loved his cake.
He even said that I could make his birthday cake every year. He also gave me a big hug and kiss and told me that I was the best mom in the whole world. That comment certainly made all my efforts worth it.

Truthfully I had as much fun as the kids.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's great to be 38 !

Well yesterday was my birthday and now I am 38. Wow I remember thinking when I was a kid that 30 was so old. I remember when my mom turned thirty and I thought that I would never be that old. So now as I reach almost 40 I don't think that it is old at all.
I had a great day. I went to lunch with my parents at Hug-Hes cafe and it was delicious as always. It was fun to be able to spend some time with them and visit. Eric took me to dinner to ABC mandarin my favorite Chinese place to eat. YUMMY and Amy watched my kids so I could go with Eric and not worry if they were fighting. I got lots of calls from family and friends, it felt good to be remembered. My little brother Jeremy in Alaska even gave me a call, I was able to talk to him for a long time. It was good cuz I miss them a lot.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Jensen Park with Haney Cardall Family

Back to School

Well school is back in session. Kids going to bed early, and getting up early. It's nice to get back to a routine. I am feeling pretty old this year. I have a sixth grader and a kindergartner. Both Nicole and Justin are loving school.

Summer Fun 2008

I can't believe that school is starting already. This summer has been so busy. We have had lots of fun. Nicole played softball and Justin played coach pitch baseball. We were busy doing many things. Going to the Drive In movies, Liberty park, swimming, and going camping were some of our favorite activities.

This is Nicole at the splash park in South Ogden.
Justin drying off.
Justin on the carousel at Liberty Park.
Nicole and Jack camping at Willow flats.
Beautiful Willow Flats.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pet Peeve

Ok I just need to say something about all those vinyl pictures stuck to the back windows of mini vans. What is up with it ? I can't stand it. Do these people actually think that anyone cares that they are a family of 15 with 2 dogs and a cat. It just annoys me, and I don't even know why I let it bother me. And that is even more annoying.
The only positive thing I can say about these decals is when I see a van with it I try to stay as far away as possible.
Who ever came up with the idea of putting stick figure decals on your window?
The next thing will be 5 generations of your family represented on your van window with stick figures.


Well Justin got a camera and now he is an out of control paparazzi.

Thank goodness I am the only one who downloads and saves his pictures.

I can delete all of the way to candid shots.

No one is safe from Justins camera.

He will take pictures when you are asleep, or he might just pop in when you're in the bathroom.

I think that his favorite thing to shoot is Jack and his feet.


Grandma Pretty and Jack

Grandpa in his truck

Jessica ( aka the good kid )