Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Justin's Tooth

Justin has had a loose tooth now for a few months. He finally started wiggling it consistently about 2 weeks ago. Since Nicole has lost several teeth he thought she would be a good person to consult with. Nicole was able to instruct Justin in all the steps to remove a tooth. First you wiggle back and forth until it bleeds. Next you twist and turn until it bleeds again. ( Blood is a good sign she says). Then last you take a piece of tissue to get a better grip on the tooth and pull straight out. Justin followed this routine several times . Nicole then gripped the tooth and pulled it out. Nicole then told Justin all about the tooth fairy and helped him put it under his pillow. She also put in a good word for him suggesting how much the tooth fairy should give . Justin woke us early in the morning, running in our room waving a dollar in each hand, exclaiming " I got two dollars ! " Justin then told us the tooth fairy left his tooth and so he thought he might try for more money tonight. I told him it didn't work that way. If you try and fool the fairy you might never get another cent.