Thursday, October 15, 2009

Its a Great Day for a Ball Game

Today is the championship game for Weber County Jr. High Schools. It is between Orion and TH Bell. Of course we are cheering for Bell. Even though she probably won't get to play, Nicole is so excited. The weather is great and it should be a wonderful game. I will post some pictures later. It has been a really fun season. The best parts :
1. Nicole has made lots of new friends and has really been able to fit in for a 7th grader.
2. She has learned a lot of new softball skills.
3. She has had a great time at practices and the games.
4. Our family has really enjoyed going to all the games.
It is kind of sad that the season is over.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I gotta say that I just love Wednesdays. Because........
1. Early out day for the elementary kids. Love spending time with Justin.
2. Its almost the weekend . Hip Hip Hooray !!!!
3. Its YW activity night. I get to see all the girls.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

conference weekend

Hello everyone ! Yes I am back. My computer has been in the shop since before school started. yikes ! I only had 15 pages of emails to go through, and a bunch of other stuff to get caught up on and now I am finally getting around to my blog. I am so excited to because it is really relaxing for me.
This weekend was absolutely fabulous. My niece Jessica and her dog Minnie came and spent it with us while the rest of her family was on a camping trip. She had college to go to that she couldn't miss. Welcome to real life Jess. We had great fun with her while she was here. The other great thing is that it was conference weekend. I really enjoyed all 4 sessions. I was surprised to hear of the 5 new temples announced to be built. A temple in Brigham city wow. Eric and I were just talking about how they needed one there and yes it was kind of freaky when they announced that. It was like someone was listening in to our conversation.
I also enjoyed conference quite a bit on Sunday. Eric had to work today so he didn't get to listen. I tried to pay really good attention so I can tell him all about it tonight. There were so many good things I learned and I really am pumped about trying harder to do better.
After the second session on Saturday it is a tradition with Eric's family to have Adults go to dinner while kids play together at home. Then the men go to the priesthood session and women come back home to craft or hang out. This time it was at my house. Thanks to my creative friend Camille we had a cute witches shoe to make . She got the pattern for the shoe at a scrapbook store then she had the great idea to make it in to a witches shoe. So the girls made those while we were able to visit and laugh and eat pie. Yummy !