Monday, December 29, 2008

Nicoles piano recital

Saturday Nicole had her piano recital at the piano gallery. She played 2 songs - The entertainer and Oh Christmas tree. She played beautifully. Nicole has a wonderful teacher and has been learning a lot. There was 12 or so students that performed and so it was a little long for Justin. I was sitting there enjoying the music when all of the sudden I smelled fried chicken. What the heck ? Fried chicken at a piano recital ?? I turned to Eric " Do you smell chicken" I said. He replied look at your son. I took a peek at Justin to see him munching on a chicken finger that looked at lot like the ones he had at lunch earlier. "Where did you get that ?" I asked, "Out of my pocket" he said. " I saved it from lunch". Leave it to my Justin to pull a chicken finger out for a snack in the middle of the recital. He never ceases to make me laugh.

Christmas Day

Christmas morning was great. The kids woke up at 6am thanks to Nicole's alarm clock. The parents got to bed at 1:30 am . Next year we will remember to unplug all clocks when we go to bed.

Here is some video of the highlights. I only posted one video because it takes so long to upload. Justin wanted everything Pokemon and Nicole was happy to have anything Twilight.
I have never seen Justin so happy over a sweater. I think because it was from Santa it was a ok with him.
When Justin opened a pokemon video game he ran around in circles screaming.

When Jack saw the life size cardboard cut out of Edward Cullen he growled and barked and started to attack. Either Jack doesn't like vampires or maybe he is a good guard dog after all.

Later on we went over to visit Grandpa and Grandma Koldewyn. It was fun to be able to sit and talk with them. We enjoyed some of Grandmas Christmas punch, which is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. We have been enjoying the punch at her house ever since I was a little girl. It always brings back good memories. Grandma shared a story about her going snow skiing at Snow Basin. She said she didn't know that you are supposed to go from side to side down the hill. She also didn't know how to stop. She went straight down the hill making other skiers get out of her way. At the bottom she made herself fall over so she could finally stop, and then she said she couldn't get up. It makes me laugh because I can just picture Grandma going so fast down that hill, probably screaming all the way. Grandma shared some of her Christmas memories growing up in the depression. It made me realize just how spoiled I am. I am sure I won't take so many things for granted if I can remember how things were for her.

After we went to my parents home for dinner. Mom made a fabulous spread of ham, rolls, meatballs, cheese and crackers etc. We were able to visit with both Jon and Amy's families. Mom and Dad also gave us a nice addition to our food storage. Potato pearls, hot chocolate, pancake mix, fruit drink mix and some apples. I really appreciate their thoughtfulness. I want to work on our food storage this next year and that really gave me a jump start.

Then the kids started to get tired ( I wonder why????) .

So after a few heated disagreements and tears, we decided it was time to leave before any blood was shed. It was no sooner than the first stop sign that Justin was fast asleep in the back seat. Then as we stopped in the driveway at home of course he woke up.

It really was a nice Christmas season, but I am glad that it is over. This year seemed to be a little more stressful than others. I don't know if it was because Eric has been working such long hours or other commitments we had . Maybe a combination of both.

However, the real meaning of Christmas did not escape me and I hope to keep that in my heart everyday of the year.

Today we plan on all going to Chuck E Cheeses. I will post later about that.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Village

ok so I know that it has been November since I posted. Life of course doesn't slow down so I can do fun things like blog. We have really been enjoying the holiday season. Thanksgiving was great and now Christmas only 2 days away. The time has had a way of really creeping up on us.

Last night we went to Christmas village and loved seeing the christmas cottages , our favorite one was the Nutcracker house. Justin collects nutcrackers and he was amazed at all the different ones. Of course we also went to Santa's castle. Nicole chose to not sit on Santas lap, but Justin was all to eager. He asked me 6 or 7 times if I had the camera ready. I assured him each time that I did. He asked Santa for the most powerful pokemon in the galaxy.

Today was the last day of school and it was only a half day for the kindergarten so 8:30 - 10:20. Anyways the school had a sing a long and Justin did not want to go. He tried everything to get me to let him to stay home. He finally went when I said it was against the law. Sorry Justin, Mom needed extra time to go shopping.